The overview on the national innovation system and social innovation initiatives in Chile presented here shows the weaknesses of the current innovation system, but refers at the same time to the existing potentials. In view of the dynamic of the topic, far-reaching changes can be expected for the next years.

In this process, a systematic development of a broader innovation policy as well as targeted promotion of co-operation between academia and business could help to overcome the one-sided neoliberal development strategy of the Chilean economy and to help economic activities evolve into new areas and sectors. 

A crucial point for Chile and Latin America in general is to transform successful initiatives into public policy to be able to fight poverty more effectively, to affirm respect for economic, social and cultural rights (Rey de Marulanda & Tancredi 2010: 5) and to achieve more social cohesion (Esguevillas Ruiz 2013: 45). Here, integrative approaches are trend-setting regarding a new innovation policy that should include important societal stakeholders in new projects at an early stage and seek for a balance of interest between all stakeholders involved.

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